Trusted for over 10 years, Think provides organisations in the transport and public sectors with tools and information to improve customer service performance that complement their continuous business improvement processes.

Why Customer Experience Measurement?

Poor customer experience and customer service can be based on anecdotes, a hunch, or some ad-hoc negative feedback from customers. We know that in order to improve and achieve the best customer experience, businesses need to establish a benchmark with accurate, objective data direct from the front line. From here it is much easier to put the right systems and processes in place to improve on

Why us?

Our unique Customer Experience Solutions enables us to measure mobile and hard to reach customer-facing staff while they are in-field. These interactions are evaluated against Key Performance Indicators and converted into meaningful insights to highlight areas of excellence and challenges or improvements in the team. Our proprietary Customer Metrics System has the flexibility to complement existing measures and reports while setting the industry standard for customer experience measurement and management.

This is what makes us different

Our Philosophy - By successfully capturing customer sentiment using real customer feedback in their own words and in real time, we turn voice-of-the-customer noise and complaints into meaningful insight that highlights areas for improvement or success. 

Our focus- We choose to specialise in sectors with mobile and hard-to reach customer delivery teams. Often, these teams are in compliance management and demand the service excellence. This focus has enabled us to hone in on our experience and ability to deliver useful and actionable results for our clients.

Our experienced team- With a total of more than 30 years across the team, our clients are in good hands. Our hands-on approach along with a proven training programme for our in-field researchers always ensures consistent assessment and quality reporting.

At Think, we become strategic partners for our clients as we are proven and trusted to help them achieve their overall organisational goals, especially when it comes to excellence in customer service delivery.